Jacob's Ladder Farms
open for direct sale to the London public
of organic and biodynamic meat, eggs,
flour and bread from Kent and Sussex

Saturdays - 9am - 2pm
104 Druid Street, SE1 2HQ (map)
and other locations here.
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Montague Farm
Montague Farm
Montague Farm
Montague Farm
Montague Farm
Montague Farm
Montague Farm
Colin Godmans Farm
Colin Godmans Farm
Colin Godmans Farm
Colin Godmans Farm
Colin Godmans Farm
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Colin Godmans Farm
Colin Godmans Farm
Colin Godmans Farm
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Colin Godmans Farm
Perry Court Farm
Perry Court Farm
Perry Court Farm
Perry Court Farm
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Perry Court Farm
Perry Court Farm
Perry Court Farm

Jacob's Ladder Farms exists to provide an opportunity for smaller farms and artisan food processors to trade in London viably by working in association with each other. Those who participate share a common interest in natural and sustainable farming practices and in the production of interesting and uncomplicated local food.
Where we will be this week
We will be trading on Saturday at Arch 5 Voyager, Brockley Market and Crystal Palace Market. On Sunday Herne Hill Market and Wapping Market.

The geese are getting fat
This newsletter is a lengthy one because the farmers that we work with go that extra mile to produce birds that have lived in an environment that is natural to them and fed on home grown feed.

This year we are offering biodynamic turkeys from Joe Bradley’s farm and free range from Chris Pinard’s.

Joe Bradley’s Biodynamic Turkeys
Hungary Lane is a 300 acre biodynamic farm, situated just outside the village of Sutton Bonington, north west of Loughborough, in Leicestershire.

The farm is run by Joe Bradley, who believes that the effort to produce food where the health of the land and animals are of utmost importance is the right way forward.

When Joe first arrived at Hungary Lane 20 years ago, the farm had been under a conventional arable system so he began his tenure by submitting the land to a 7 year conversion to biodynamics and thereafter looked to populate the farm with the Texel & Mule sheep, Shorthorn cattle, chickens, bees, two much beloved Gloucester Old Spot pigs and turkeys that now comprise its inhabitants.

This year, Joe is rearing a mix of White and Bronze turkeys for the Christmas table and has a flock of just 150 birds. Given the gigantic demand for turkeys at this one time of year, most conventional farms make the most of their opportunity, rearing in much larger quantities and housing the birds indoors from chicks to adulthood, to control feed and force quick growth.

Joe seeks to give his birds a better quality of life, providing them with 2 airy roosting houses out on the extensive pasture of his resting arable fields. The birds pick the soil & grasses by day, & the roosting houses in tow, are moved across the fields to follow fresh feed as they exhaust each patch of grass. They are also fed a cereal based ration which is predominantly composed of wheat, barley, oats and beans, all grown on the farm itself.

The fresh air & exercise of their existence enables the birds to mature slowly which, in turn, guarantees a richer flavour and good, firm texture in their meat & thanks to Joe’s licensed expertise the birds are also able to end their lives in the calm and familiarity of the far.

Chris Pinard’s Free Range Turkeys, Geese, Capons, Ducks & Chickens
Chris Pinard’s aim is to produce the finest possible free range poultry for your table. Their system is based on old fashioned values of high animal welfare, traditional outdoor rearing and low food miles. Having researched the market and various production methods they decided that they can best achieve this by keeping total control over all aspects of the raising and processing of the birds.

Their birds are not the normal ’Free Range’ birds that are being mass produced on large units but are a return to past times where traditional methods and home milled feed ensure a unique product. The birds are bought in as day olds and brooded in sheds for three to four weeks until they are hardy enough to go out. They are then transferred to field pens in groups of no more than 1000 with large grass paddocks.

Another difference to most units is that their birds have 24 hour access to the field. They take full advantage of this and are often out feeding on moonlit nights and in summer often sleep outside in fine weather. This activity increases the variety of food as they eat grass, insects and anything else that takes their fancy; this is the essence of a good free range chicken.

Another factor that makes their system unique is that they believe they can give a better provenance with the birds if they feed home milled food. All the wheat, peas, barley, oats and triticale are home grown on their farm.

They buy in some gm free soya, minerals, vitamins and spices to balance the ration to their own formulation. Unlike many other free range bird producers they do not routinely use antibiotics instead relying upon helping the birds develop a healthy immune system.

ust to complete the picture for Christmas ordering we will have rare breed, dry aged ribs of beef and rolls of sirloin, organic, biodynamic or traditionally farmed. Rare breed pork joints with plenty of crackling, organic or traditionally farmed as well as bacon, gammons and hams.

Look forward to seeing you at the counter this week and happy to discuss anything more in detail if you so wish.

The meat this week is coming from Perrycourt Farm (biodynamic beef), Montague Farm (Organic lamb) and Elms Farm (organic pork).

Luing Beef from Perrycourt Farm, Kent

Diced steak at £12/kg –order by weight or thickness

Brisket at £11.95/kg -order by weight

Featherblade at £14/kg - order by weight

Jacob’s Ladder at £11.95/kg - order by weight

Skirt at £14/kg - order by weight

Pave at £20/kg - order by weight

Leg of beef at £11.95/kg –prepared off the bone or as steaks if required - order by weight & cut

Minced beef at £9.95/kg –order by parcels of 500gs

Contre fillet (Rolled Sirloin) at £34/kg – order by weight or thickness

Rib of beef at £28/kg –order by weight

Topside at £15.95/kg – order by weight

Silverside at £14.95/kg - order by weight

Ribeye steak at £42/kg -order by weight or thickness

Fillet steaks at £49.50/kg -order by number

Sirloin steak at £34/kg – order by weight or thickness

Rump steak at £28/kg – order by weight or thickness

Romney lamb from Montague Farm, Sussex

Double chops at £19.95/kg – order by number

Chump steaks at £19.95/kg –order by number

Leg of Lamb at £15.50/kg – order by the leg, roughly 2kgs each

Merguez Sausages at £12/kg –order by number

Minced Lamb at £11.50/kg –order by parcels of 500gs

Neck fillets at £18/kg –order by the fillet, roughly 0.25kg each

Noisette of lamb at £24.95/kg –this is rolled and boned loin of lamb - order by piece, roughly 750gs

Rack of lamb at £24.95/kg –order by the rack, roughly 600gs

Shoulder of Lamb at £9.50/kg –order by the shoulder, roughly 2kgs each

Lamb Rump at £5.50 each

Lamb shanks at £5 each

Berkshire Pork from the Wetlands Trust at Elms Farm, Winchelsea

Pork Leg at £13/kg -order by weight

Shoulder at £11.95/kg -order by weight

Belly at £11.95/kg -order by weight

Tenderloin at £22.50/kg -order by weight

Leg steaks at £15.50/kg -order by weight

Loin chops at £15.50/kg -order by weight

Sausages at £12/kg –order by number

Bacon at £24/kg - order by weight

Rolled loin at £19/kg - order by weight

If you have any questions about our meats or our farms, please get in touch with Jayne Duveen on 07565 303 559.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jacobs Ladder Farms
104 Druid St, London SE1
Telephone: 07565303559
Email: jayne at jacobsladderfarms.co.uk
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