One of the best ways to try our exquisite meat is by experiencing it cooked up for you in a beef or lamb burger at one of our events or markets. These are not just burgers, they are works of art.

We travel up to South London almost every Sunday to serve at Herne Hill market or The Norwood Feast. Come and say hello!

You'll also find us at festivals and events throughout the South East. We're at places like The Bentley Wood Fair, Elderflower Fields Festival and The Weald & Downland Open Air Museum.

If you run an event and think we should be there, or if you'd like us to cater for your private party, do contact us.


Our organic, grass-fed meat that we butcher ourselves is hung for three weeks, minced, and then mixed with salt and pepper to make a gluten-free delight of a patty.

We use an organic brioche bun that is made locally, drizzling it with Extra-Virgin olive oil.

If you like cheese, we've got you covered. We pair the burgers with a raw milk cheddar, or a raw milk blue cheese. The Montgomery Cheddar and Stichelton Blue are phenomenal farmhouse cheeses in their own right, and both of them are made by delightful artisans that share our values.

Each burger is cooked to order and served by us or our friends, so you will be meeting people that are intimately connected to the farming and production process.


We are truly present for every step of the food’s journey and are repeatedly told that this is evident in the burger’s flavour.

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